Sliding Core Workout

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common side effects of a WEAK CORE? Building up that strength in your abdominals will help bring balance to the body, and a lot more physical tasks will be easier -- and not to mention less back pain. Win-win! Here are FOUR kick-ass moves that will challenge & strengthen your core, and even tone that waistline as well +PLUS+ 4 reasons to do this workout 3 times a week!  
1. Knee to shoulder {Aim for 10 reps each side, take a small 2 second break in between switching if you need to}
• A strong core helps protect your central organs and inner nervous system •
2. Cross & Twist {Start with sliding your right foot up and over your left, then out as you lift your left arm and look up to the ceiling. Go for 5 reps each side.}
• A strong core helps promote a strong & confident posture •
3. Double knee pulls {squeeze your core and exhale as you slide both knees in towards your chest and inhale as you push them back out. Don't let your back arch up or down in the plank -- keep that straight line from head to heels. 10 reps}
• Like we mentioned before: get rid of back pain! Sitting at a desk all day won't help so be sure to incorporate core strengthening moves like these into your routine • 
4. Pike-up slides {This one is challenging -- it's basically your bonus. Keep your core super tight, you might have to work up to this one... keep legs straight and together and slide them in towards in between your hands then back out into a nice plank. Aim for 10 reps of this.}
REPEAT ALL for a total of 2 rounds for good measure ;)
• Look great in that bikini - and FEEL great with that great posture too! •
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Jennine Hamblin