#FitmasChallenge Day 1

Here is your first workout for our 12 day #fitmaschallenge ! Be sure to keep your form, core tight, and do the best you can for each move. Complete 1 minute of each, rest 1 minute, and then repeat it all for 2-3 rounds. 
• Squat Jumps
• Switching lunge jumps
• Push-up with jack feet (hop feet out and back in)
• Burpees
* Seated V-ups
* Rest
 🎄 Along with the workouts I will share a tip for staying on track this holiday season!! That's how much I love you and want to help you 😉 If you appreciate this - be sure to SHARE IT!
🎄TIP #1: Start your day with a BANG! Exercising in the morning can set the tone for your day and help you remember to behave all day long. You are less likely to stray away from your health goals knowing how hard you’ve already worked out that morning. Research shows when you workout in the morning, you actually move more throughout the day and you are less responsive to pictures of tempting unhealthy foods. Fewer cravings, burn calories all day, Win-win-win! Let’s get to working against that “Festive 15!” #letsdothis #jennyjamfitness

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Jennine Hamblin