#FitmasChallenge Day 2

Workout #2 for the #fitmaschallenge ! Let's build some sexy shoulders together! Here are your moves - pick a challenging weight that you can maintain good form with and do it up.  
• Lateral & Forward Raises (10 reps)
• Upright Rows (15 reps)
• Balancing Single Arm Shoulder Press (10 reps each arm)
• Steering Wheel Turn and Lift (12 reps)
• Repeat all 3x
* Rest 40-60 seconds between each set.
 🎄 Complete the workout and be sure to participate with your comments on my Instagram!

🎄TIP #2: When you go to those holiday parties (or parties in general), be sure to check out all they have in the buffet before blindly grabbing 1 of everything. Which is what I used to do lol. Bad idea. Pick the stuff you REALLY want and leave the other temptations that you would just eat to eat. Fill up on what you want, hopefully it’s healthy stuff, but that’s wishful thinking lol. Also, if you cut down the drinking, you’ll be more aware of what you’re eating. And lastly, don’t stand by the buffet table! You’ll end up eating things just because you can reach them. Haha - trust me on this one… You got this! #letsdothis #jennyjamfitness 

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Jennine Hamblin