Appreciate The Little Things

So sitting on the train with all these people and I can't help but to notice this little boy who seperated himself from his family just to do what he really really wanted to do, which was sit next to this adorable dog in a bag on the lap of his owner. From afar his family as encouraging him to ask to pet the dog and he kept saying no, he wasn't ready. It took him a few stops before he decided it was time. Asked, and started petting the dog and asking all the questions he had seemed to be holding in his mind for the last 5 or 6 train stops. It was adorable to witness this and made me think of the opportunity I was presented with about a year ago. Honestly it took me a whole year to sit next to it and wonder what it was and how someone like me could approach it and be successful at it too. But from watching this little boy I see that all your doubts, fears, and reservations should NEVER keep you from something you really want. This mini experience, that may seem like nothing, meant a lot more than I expected. From developing myself as a person and teach myself to be more aware of the amazing things in my life, I am able to appreciate everything even more. Life is amazing ☺️‪#‎itsthelittlethings‬ ‪#‎payattention‬ ‪#‎enjoyeverylittlemoment‬

Jennine Hamblin