Mix Up Your Workout with a BOSU!

We're bustin' out the BOSU ball! New class just added & taught by yours truly! 

BOSU = Both Sides Utilized. Mix up your workouts by introducing your body to an unstable surface like this to challenge your core & stabilizer muscles. Here are just a few ways adding in a BOSU can benefit you: 
• Variation of exercises is great for your body and even helps to increase the effectiveness of your workouts. 
• It's fun & motivating to try something new & different, and it also reenergizes your excitement to get fit. If you like a challenge - you'll love it! 
There are so many more reasons to mix it up and try the BOSU, but I will leave you with just these few moves for now and add more as we go along. Be sure to check back for new BOSU moves and more exercise ideas! :) 
- Twisting side plank on BOSU (option 1 or 2, 45 seconds on/15 seconds rest)
- BOSU Side lunge (30 seconds each side)
- BOSU Squats (step or hop on, 45 seconds on/15 seconds rest)
~REPEAT ALL 3 moves for 3-5 rounds~

Jennine Hamblin